Grantboost: Frequently Asked Questions

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Using AI Tools For Nonprofits, like Grantboost in your organization can be scary. Our customers tend to ask common questions about their data and privacy. The purpose of this article is to answer Frequently Asked Questions about our data, privacy, and security as it pertains to using the Grantboost Product. 

What Does Grantboost Do With My Data?

All data stored in Grantboost as a reference point can be used in combination with different OpenAI models to generate customized grant application responses. OpenAI does not train its models with our customer data. 

How is My Data Secured?

All data stored in Grantboost as an input is encrypted both in transit and at rest following best practice standards. Our team does not have access to see any of the information you enter into our platform outside of personally identifiable information. 

How Do I Make Sure My Confidential Data Is Protected?

All customer data stored in Grantboost is encrypted. Meaning that we couldn't access your data even if we wanted to. Confidential information about your projects, mission and financials remain private to you.  

Is My Data Sold to Third Parties?


How Do I Get In Contact With the Grantboost Team?

You can find out how to reach out to us here:

Evaluating grant writing AI software is hard, but it doesn't have to be. If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please use one of the methods mentioned to get in contact with our team.

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